Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting

This is the easiest and least demanding form of fasting that I have ever heard of.  It is said to retrain your system to burn fat from the body from energy instead of directly from carbohydrate intake.  This is particularly good because, if your body is looking to get energy from carbohydrates as it’s fundamental approach to energy production, then it will store the carbs not used immediately as fat in your body – the worst kind of fat.

Intermittent fasting means not eating for more than 12 hours(?) and then resuming your normal diet.  To increase the effectiveness of this kind of fasting, and turn would have been stored as fat into muscle,  you should exercise toward the end the fasting time and then eat some protein to break the fast between ½ hour and 1 hour after the exercise.  It is recommended that this short fast be practiced a few times a week.  The simplest way for a lot of people to do this is to skip breakfast completely and then normal eating patterns.

I first did this in the interest of building muscle with no real interest in losing weight because I’m genetically skinny – although I did have a bit of tummy that I didn’t used to have.  I didn’t pay any attention to my weight during this first trial period.  But I noticed that pants were too loose after about 6 – 8 weeks and weighed myself.  I had lost 20 pounds from my very stable past weight and that loss has been maintained with no effort and no special dieting for about 6 months now.